Synchronous & Carrier Ethernet Demand New Ideas for Testing

Among the business opportunities that have arisen over the last couple of years for service providers, many of them have a common technological basis: Ethernet. These opportunities include connectivity for businesses (small, medium, and enterprise) and mobile backhaul. And let's not forget that service providers have their own internal requirements for Ethernet.

A bedrock necessity for rolling out Ethernet-based services is the ability to test installations and measure network operations. That puts T&M companies on the frontline of introducing new Ethernet-based services.

CED has invited authorities on Ethernet test to discuss:

  • Ongoing developments in Carrier Ethernet
  • Advancements in Carrier Ethernet testing (including ITU Y.156SAM)
  • Dealing with the specific timing requirements of Ethernet for backhaul
  • Best practices for Ethernet installation and maintenance

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