Seeker Lite²

Installation Leakage Detector

Frequency agile leakage detector (120 - 147.25 MHz) with ten user selectable presets features Searcher Plus GT technology that is compatible with CT-2 or CT-3 channel tagging techniques, a measurement range from 10 - 2000 uV/m, as well as numeric readout, and tone proportional to signal strength.

The Seeker Lite² is a Cable TV (CATV) leakage detector for cable installations in the field.

  • Numerical Measurement Display
  • Sensitive, Stable Measurements
  • Directional for Leak Location
  • Stable, repeatable readings and built in directional antenna simplify leak location.
  • "Cruise Mode" offers continuous surveillance for long periods at reduced battery current.
  • Tough, simple to use and very cost-effective, the Seeker Lite² is the ideal leakage measurement instrument for insuring leakage -and ingress- free installations, every time.
Seeker Lite² - Installation Leakage Detector

The new Trilithic Seeker Lite² Leakage Detector is specifically designed for efficient subscriber installations, displaying numerical measurements of leaks on up to ten user selectable presets and emitting a tone proportional to leak strength.


This firmware is appropriate for most users, but some MSO’s do have different update policies in place. As such, in some cases the standard firmware may render certain test functions inoperable. Please contact your manager before updating your firmware.

For assistance with any installation, please call tech support at 1-800-344-2412.

Trilithic encourages maintaining up-to-date firmware; however, your company may have policies in place to manage the update process.

Please review the updated enhancements below BEFORE installing your Trilithic 860 DSPh firmware update.


  • Extended Frequency range down to 118.5 MHz (Requires current Seeker Setup to use new range).
Seeker Lite² Vehicle Power Adapter (CL-8)
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Vehicle power adapter for the Seeker Lite².
Seeker Lite² Data Cable (I/O-17)
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RS-232 serial data cable for the Seeker Lite² with Type-A USB plug to custom connector.

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Li-ION battery for the Seeker Lite, Seeker Lite², Seeker, Seeker SE, Seeker D, Seeker D Lite Leakage Detectors, and 120 DSP.

Seeker Lite² AC to DC Power Adapter & Battery Charger with Power Cable
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AC to DC power adapter & battery charger for the Seeker Lite². Charger provides a Type-A USB Socket for use with TYPE-A USB power cables. Includes a Serial to Type-A USB Power Cable (P/N 2071585002) for use with the Seeker Lite².

Seeker Lite & Seeker Lite² Carrying Case with Holster (CC-22)
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Carrying case with holster for the Seeker Lite & Seeker Lite².

Seeker Setup PC Software with Seeker Family Data Cable
Configuration Software
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This is the Seeker Setup configuration software for the Seeker, Seeker SE, Seeker D, Seeker MCA, Seeker MCA II, Seeker MCA III, Seeker BB-2 and Seeker Lite² Leakage Detectors. The Seeker Setup Software is used to manage leakage meter configurations including; leakage frequencies, default frequency, tag frequency, display units, tech ID, meter/truck squelch, peak hold, distance correction, GT noise discrimination, antenna correction factors, MCA pairing and firmware updates.

Additionally, the software is used to manage mobile communication adapter (MCA) configurations including; display units, truck ID, vehicle shutdown timer, peak hold, early detection notification (EDN), LAW Server Upload Settings, home zone, network connections (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular & Bluetooth), GPS pass through, remote upload, fleet management and firmware updates.

All of these settings can be stored locally on the PC, which is useful if the user organization has several devices and wants to create and maintain standard configurations for all of them. Devices can be connected to the software via Ethernet, Mini USB Cable (included) or Serial Data Cable (included). The complete kit includes: Seeker Setup Software on CD, Mini USB Charge/Data Cable (I/O-20) and Seeker Lite² Data Cable (I/O-17). MINIMUM PC REQUIREMENTS: WINDOWS XP OR HIGHER (32 OR 64 BIT), PENTIUM III OR HIGHER PROCESSOR, 64 MB RAM, 100 MB FREE STORAGE SPACE, VIDEO ADAPTER & MONITOR (256 COLORS, 1024 x 768 DPI), KEYBOARD AND MOUSE.

Change of Warranty Document for Trilithic Products

Effective April 2, 2018, new purchase orders for Trilithic products and services shall be issued to VIAVI Solutions and sent to VIAVI’s order processing centers.

VIAVI Warranty will apply to All Trilithic Products Purchased After April 2, 2018

VIAVI remains committed to serving as your single trusted partner for Trilithic products and services.  While the terms and conditions statement changes to VIAVI the length of Warranty provided by Trilithic remains the same for all products.

VIAVI - Warranty, Terms and Conditions

If you need assistance or if you have questions, please reach out to your local VIAVI Solutions Customer Care team.


The following products carry a Manufacturer's One Year Warranty
120 DSP 180 DSP
I-Stop TLB-GbE
MCV-1 TLB-46
802 AWE  
The following products carry a Manufacturer's Two Year Warranty
Field Analyzers Leakage Equipment Monitoring & Maintenance
360 DSP Seeker Lite² 8310 RSA
720 DSP Seeker 8300A FST
1G DSP Seeker D 860 DSPh & 860 DSPh Input Expander
RSVP² Seeker D Lite & Seeker D Lite Source Transmitter 9581 SST
  Seeker HL & Seeker HL Source Transmitter 8380 RPC
  Seeker MCA III  
The following products carry a Dell Three Year Warranty
All Specially Configured Dell PowerEdge 2U Rack Mount Server products are warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for a minimum of three years after shipment. Dell provides next business day, parts and labor, on-site response for the following Trilithic products.
LAW Server Package
ViewPoint Integrated Server Package