Monitoring and Maintenance

The 8310 RSA Return Sweep Analyzer rack mounted unit receives a sweep initiated from a field test point by an 860 DSPi Field Analyzer and transmits the received sweep level information back to the 860 on a downstream telemetry signal.

The 8300A FST generates forward sweep transmissions that step around system carriers to avoid interference, filling in vacant spectrum areas for a complete view of network frequency response.

860 DSPh

The new Trilithic 860 DSPh is the ideal instrument for managing signal quality in remote headends.

The 9581 SST Return Path Analyzer is the only DSP-based return path analyzer in the industry.

8380 RPC

The 8380 RPC Return Path Combiner is a programmable 16 x 1 non-blocking RF matrix switch designed for use with the 8310 RSA Return Sweep Analyzer in the return path of CATV systems.