TDM Server v.2.3

Trilithic TDM v2.3 Release Notes

  • Database access support (direct query) for matrix-based compliance data
  • Database access support (direct query) and Excel export of meter test measurement detail data
  • Meter name can include both tech ID and tech name (or other identifying information), TDM will parse the name to extract a numeric tech ID (if present) attribute and a tech name attribute
  • Data Access site style and navigation updated
  • Additional search criteria added to Data Access query builder, includes true/false fields, e.g. include only work orders that failed limits
  • Support for per-outlet compliance requirements
  • Imports auto test data tagged with outlet identifier (new 860DSP location type)
  • Compliance matrix editor allows macro requirement to be specified as multi-outlet per job type
  • Workforce management import allows import of the outlet count per job
  • Per-outlet macro requirements are considered and identified in Data Access reports
  • Meter Inventory reporting added to Data Access site.
  • Meter screen shots added to Work Order detail view on Data Access site

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