Seeker Setup v 3.84

Release Notes

v 3.84

  • Added MCA III vehicle max speed parameter
  • Changed Seeker HL to have both “peak monitor” and “snapshot button” data log records
  • Changed Seeker HL “Enable Snapshots” checkbox to read “Enable Peak Monitor”

v 3.82

  • Allow frequency selections down to 135 MHz for Seeker D and Seeker D Lite, CT-4 requires firmware update
  • Allow selection of 8 tags for Seeker D and Seeker D Lite, CT-4 requires firmware update
  • Added frequency selection (low and high band) for the Seeker D Lite Source Transmitter

v 3.78

  • Added support for Seeker D Lite Source Transmitter
  • Added Seeker D Lite Home Certification and auto off/cruise parameter
  • Added Ethernet and Wi-Fi options for Vehicle Tracking messaging

v 3.68

  • Added support for Seeker D Lite

v 3.66

  • Fixed snapshot reads for Seeker D
  • Added support for dual aux mount configurations
  • Enabled cellular support for MCA III

v 3.64

  • MCA II Support
  • Added Seeker D & Seeker MCA III support

v 3.52

  • MCA II Support
  • Early Detection Notification (EDN) support.
  • Added Seeker truck squelch.
  • Encrypting WiFi keys in configuration file.

v 3.30

  • Added vehicle timer field for MCA setup to support new MCA v 2.06 functionality.

v 3.29

  • Changed WaveTracker generation to set the leakage level to zero in the file if the squelch break criteria have not been met.

v 3.28

  • Added "Green Engineering" support - tweaked the WiFi setup form to add a WiFi attempts parameter, display "-Green" after the model name if the green option is present.
  • Added a capability for the end user to clear an MCA data log on the rare chance that it got corrupted.

v 3.27

  • Changed low band frequency support to end at 110.5 MHz instead of 111.0 MHz.
  • Tweak to improve serial communications.

v 3.26

  • Added production support items for the BB-2 Vdrive.

v 3.25

  • Added support for multiple home zones (3 total).
  • Added support for Seeker/MCA pairings.
  • Added WiFi signal level monitoring.
  • Removed Sapias support.
  • Added creation of "invalid" and "sent" directories during WaveTracker file generation.
  • Extended frequency range of the 110 MHz band.

v 3.23

  • Fixed a WEP key problem with specific access points when using the new WiFi module.
  • Added 110 MHz range support.
  • Added Black Box support.
  • Added the "Test Device" button and dialog.
  • Removed the BT-GPS Bluetooth device from being auto-detected during pairing, since the newer models do not have a PIN whereas the older models do.
  • Sped up the production test LCD update rate.

v 3.12

  • Fixed MCA firmware download feature.
  • Added entry of the WiFi server port number.
  • Allow park time to be set as low as five minutes.

v 3.10

  • Extended frequency range down to 118.5 MHz.


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