LAW Software Update v 2.6.5

v 2.6.5

  • MCA II support
  • New Tech Tools menu for non-admin/non-report users, providing techs access to Uploader Troubleshooting, Active Uploads, Frequency Mismatch and Uploader Log Report.
  • Direct editing of leaks on the Mapping page.
  • Problem codes can now be defined and maintained by an administrator instead of free-text entry.
  • Improved Uploader Log Report including statistics summarizing each upload.
  • Where applicable, work orders now show the observed street level in addition to the refined leak level.
  • Community-based Site Id for Third Party API.
  • Meter data associated with an uninitialized tech will be assigned to a validated tech if one exists.
  • Rideout Report tracks vehicle path more accurately during quick and/or tight direction changes.
  • Added the ability to import/export community boundaries.
  • Added more validation to improve community boundary integrity.
  • Truck Id is no longer required when manually entering a leak.
  • Fixed Administration page link error when accessing the API Administration page.
  • No longer sending LAW license expiration notices once license is expired.
  • New option to substitute the observed street location for the projected leak location.
  • New option to ignore unsupported leaks.
  • New option to ignore leaks without a minimum specified support leak level.
  • WiFi Service logging.

v 2.5.0

  • New licensing scheme requiring licenses for leakage detectors (i.e. Trilithic Seeker) only.
    1. All uploads are authenticated by the Tech ID in the Seeker.
    2. All Seeker Tech ID's must be a meter user in LAW to upload.
    3. No longer does the MCA(truck id) require a seat to upload.
  • API users now have the ability to create and assign work orders (manually or automatically) prior to third party response.
  • LAW now has the option to select kilometers as the default distance units.
  • Administrators can now monitor active Wi-Fi uploads.
    1. Under administrator/view active uploads to see wi-fi uploads real time.
  • Uploader Log Report has been revised.
    1. The report is now parsed by tech ID making it easier to look up specific tech uploads.
    2. Removed confusing information about the upload.
    3. Only shows successful upload.
  • Uploading Seeker records via USB can now be performed by users who do not have Administrator privileges on the terminal computer.
    1. .NET framework 3.5.0 must be installed on local machine for manual uploads.
  • Support for multiple, comma-separated problem codes in reports and searches.
    1. While closing out a leak you can use multiple problem codes as long as you separate them with comas.
  • Optionally, assigned and unassigned technicians, as well as, managers are notified via email if the technician assigned to a work order is modified.
    1. Under configuration lines 50, 51, and 51 controls this action.
  • Improved reporting of issues that could prevent successful uploading.
    1. Located under Adminitration/Uploader Troubleshooting
    2. Examples: "Tech ID is not a user", "Tech ID is not a meter user"
  • Ability to create an FCC Form 320.
    1. First fill in the template and create form under administration/manage forms.
    2. To create the 320 report, run a CLI report and select "create FCC form 320"
  • Deleted users are no longer maintained in the dropdown lists.
  • Time stamp for last community update is now visible in the community definition.
    1. Under the community information on the community definition page you will find the last person to make modifications to the community.
  • Report maps showing a single leak will default to a smaller zoom level to have a better chance of showing at least one street intersection.

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