NCM Firmware Update v.3.29

Upgrading NCM Firmware

  • Install NCM Setup version 3.00 or higher on your PC if not already installed.
  • Copy the new firmware file NCM_V3_29.FW to your hard drive in the same directory as NCM Setup.
  • Connect the NCM to the PC's COM port with the null modem cable provided with NCM Setup or use the network connection. See NCM Setup manual.
  • Run NCM Setup and use the NCM Status command to check for proper connection to the NCM. See NCM Setup manual.
  • Select the Upgrade Firmware option. Set the Port. If a network connection is being used enter the IP address of the NCM and the administrator password. The default password is admin. Click on the Select button.
  • Using the Browse box point to the firmware file NCM_V3_29.FW on your hard drive. BE SURE YOU SELECT THIS FILE.
  • The Progress bar at the bottom of NCM Setup will indicate that the NCM is being programmed. When programming is done a message will appear indicating successful programming.
  • Wait 15 seconds and Select NCM Status. Verify that the NCM Firmware version is now 3.29. The upgrade is now complete and the NCM is ready for use