Seeker MCA III Firmware v 4.40

For assistance with any installation, please call tech support at (800) 344-2412.

This firmware is appropriate for most users, but some MSO's have different update policies in place. In some cases the standard firmware may render certain test functions inoperable. Please contact your manager before updating your firmware.

This firmware update requires Seeker Setup Software Version 3.64 or later to configure your Seeker Instrument. Please contact Trilithic Applications Engineering Support to obtain a free software update.

v 4.40

  • Doesn’t log data at very slow speed or at speeds above the specified Max Speed parameter
  • Added Vehicle Max Speed selection from Seeker Setup
  • Fixed EDNs that were not being sent
  • Changed FMI message format.

v 4.37

  • Additional improvements to log generation to support LAW rideout reporting
  • Added support for cellular uploads as a factory option
  • Added dual mobile mount support
  • Added support for updating Seeker D firmware from LAW
  • Added LAW message displays on the MCA III LCD screen

v 4.22

  • Improved log generation to support LAW rideout reporting
  • Support for Seeker D automatic power on/off
  • Added SYSTEM READY, last upload time, and IP address change displays
  • FPGA upgrade from LAW now works correctly

v 4.17

  • Initial Release